Sunday 3 April 2011

All About Types of TIG Welders

TIG welders are of five types which is easily available. They are power I TIG -200 power TIG 200 DX,  power TIG 250 EX,  power TIG EX,  power TIG 225 LX,  power  TIG 315 DX.

The starting minimum voltage required to start the unit is 220/240v it can also afford consistence and stable parameters with the standard feature being with foot pedal control.

There are machines which comes with the advantage and special features like arc force control , spool gun capability, digital display, consumer low power and many more which is specially designed so that these machine can be used in all industrial purposes and serve all industrial process, such machines are easily available and are called  MIG machines.

They are namely I MIG 205, I MIG 160, I MIG 250, and I MIG 200. They are different types of MIG machines available for various uses. The power arc welder is also known or commonly known as stick welders.

They are two types of stick welding machines available they are power arc 200 and power arc 160. These machines gives good competition and leads the industry with there performance and the price too. It also gives the benefit of excellent arc characteristic.

So when talking about welding process, the welders have various options in different type of welding machine and the welder or the user can weld ant type of metal easily and can be satisfied with a smooth welding characteristic with a high duty cycles. Enjoying the benefits of the machine can be fullest only if u select a machine which is best suits your work.

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